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Aaron Bezzina

Among the 4th International Istanbul Triennial’s artists, Aaron Bezzina focuses on existential questions with a distinct sense of irony and sarcasm by using instruments that encourages associative action and creating meaning in his works.

Abbas Yousif

At his intellectual and process-driven works, Abbas Yousif generates political and psychological borders in the colors with a universal language by the rhythmic composition of the ambiguous and the abstract.

Akın Demiral

Akın Demiral, who focuses on the borders of the real and the fictional through the concepts of body, space, and identity, opens rules, doctrines, and judgments to reconsideration by fictitious depictions making them tangible and visible.

Ayşegül Altunok

Working on forms of sensation, sensory contrast and sculpture in fictional space, Aysegul Altunok creates impressive and unexpected scenes which represents time with the dimension of motion, emancipates it from matter by the help of light.

Beste Kopuz

Focusing on the memory of space and traces of past in the changing urban and living spaces, Beste Kopuz intervenes to bring temporal and spatial layers into light with a naive and strong language in her works. 

Ceal Floyer

Deftly testing the slippage between function and implication, the literal and the imagined in daily life, Ceal Floyer reconfigures the familiar objects as sources of surprise and humor.

Didem Erbaş

Didem Erbaş, who focuses on spatial traces and changes, geography, housing right, and human intervention to nature, approaches to architectural structures, human forms, and nature through varying perspectives in her artistic production. 

Ece Canlı

Ece Canlı, who focuses on the points that counter factual narrations, non-linguistic expressions, myths, and enhanced vocal techniques meet with body politics, uses sound, performance and textual works as instruments of research.

Esther Stocker

Esther Stocker, whose artistic productions include mathematical language, after creating a steady visual rhythm subverts the order by adding deviations to the expectations of the viewer. 

Ezgi Yaren Karademir

Ezgi Yaren Karademir, who performs improvisation and choreography designs on research area of actions special to body, object, and space, transforms traces of the space into forms to be grasped by motion and physical representation in her productions.

Fırat Neziroğlu

In his works he produced with a natural and plain expression, Fırat Neziroglu, who depicts human emotions with fibers, interests in the meanings of traditional techniques rather than their designs.

Giorgos Taxidis

Giorgos Taxidis, who researches human conditions as a whole, how these affect our perception of social reality, and how we place ourselves in modern world, is inspired by memory, reminiscence, literature, and his observation onşp the world while creating his works.

Hakan Yılmaz

Hakan Yılmaz, who brings traditional art in contemporary art, by keeping the works he produces in blockchain, searches for ways of digital representation and preservation of works that are subject to concern about physical conservation. 

Hamza Kırbaş

In his works produced on the concepts of space, public space, identity, gender, and immigration, Hamza Kırbaş prefers an imaginary language of narration completed by the viewer.

Hasan Aktaş

The artist, who focuses on nature and human, void, distance, and reproduction of nature by humanoid experience, designs his works as an invitation to contemplate rather than a direct expression.

Levin Iulya

Levin Iulya, who directly transforms her narration instrument into experience, focuses on how humans contact with each other and their environment, nature of human interaction, solidarity phenomenon.  

Mareo Rodriguez

In works of Mareo Rodriguez, who focuses on natural light, transformation of energy, geological formations, and abstractions, matter constantly moves as concentrated light and energy becomes visible.  

Maze Sürer

Maze Sürer, who researches concepts about void, and the lack of place and belonging, acknowledges impressions as an aura giving meaning to the place human exists while depicting the spaces and imaginary shelters her thoughts spread.

Minia Biabiany

Minia Biabiany, who researches human body’s relationship with space, earth, and history and transitions among these concepts, creates layered narrations related with understanding and healing yourself. 

Nejat Çınar

Nejat Çınar, who produces multi-disciplined works in the fields of electronic, electro-mechanic, and art, transforms objects, knowledge, and systems into toys making artistic expression possible.

Nermin Ülker

Nermin Ulker, who questions the relations of inside-outside, emptiness-fullness, imagination-reality, abstract-tangible, creates forms changing, stretching, and renewing any moment as to experience, memory, and meaning. 

Nik Ramage

Nik Ramage, who produces works in themes of inconsistency, alteration, fragility, variability, and uncertainty, while preoccupied with some kind of paradox and nonsense, is naive and peaceful at the same time.   

Nilhan Sesalan

Nilhan Sesalan, who transforms memory into new and free expressions by embracing with an inclusive, naive and timeless language, forms material in her works with her intellectual qualities swaying between matter and meaning.

Odysseas Tosounidis

By focusing on the abstract perspective and symbolic meanings of nature, Odysseas Tosounidis aims to change and enhance the spiritual experience of the viewer with his sculptures transformed into an interface moving between nature and environment.

Özgün Şahin

Özgür Şahin, who examines the relationship of individual-space-time, and typologies about the modern urban life, handles accidental circularity with the approach of a documentary in his works.

Sarya Nurcan Kaya

 Sarya Nurcan Kaya, who focuses on the concepts of forgetting, remembering, identity, power, individual and collective memory, influences from her childhood memories, changes and transformations at the daily life in time. 

Sebahattin Alaca

Sebahattin Alaca, who focuses on the concepts of object, body, and space, enhances intuitive layers of colors, forms, and subtexts in the works he designs about part, whole, and relation.

Seydi Murat Koç

Seydi Murat Koc, who creates landscapes swaying between utopian and dystopian images, manipulates perception of world by hiding the reality into different layers and focuses on the distance between that which is and that is designed.  

Wendy Yu

Wendy Yu, who produces in the fields of dance and digital design, focuses on including new media art to public installations, creating space by dance and urban media, projection art, immersive and impressive digital installations.

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